David Gergen’s music sits somewhere between indie and Americana, channeling Beck’s melancholy Sea Change vibe on his lead-off single “We Wont Cry at the Burial”. There is an unsettling sadness in David’s inflections that innocently tug at the heart-strings. He manages a confessional attitude while painting a beautifully abstract picture, allowing the listener to draw on his emotions rather than be manipulated by his words.

His latest EP “Odyssey” is full of well crafted, astute songs told from a wise, yet aching heart. CHECK IT OUT


Cameron Stenger: Gentle Visionary

This young NYC songwriter has been making considerable waves this winter and spring and I can see why… it is perfect seasonal music to sink into. His lovely wind blown folk songs float around in an eerily sparse sonic atmosphere as he effectively lands an emotional punch with his poignant love lorn lyrics. Some tracks bare little overdubs and rely on powerfully intimate moments of singing and picking. This works particularly well on the transcendent “Come Home” which takes its listener to a warm, dreamy place under the frostbitten trees. Or perhaps I have just visited this place in his succinct little video for the song below. Either way, it is modern and beautiful in its simplicity.

Cameron’s album Lovers is out today​. Visit his BANDCAMP and pick it up. Now.

Love the feel of and idea behind this video. Innovative and raw – the magazine pages being torn is an excellent touch. This band is obviously talented and this video makes it all the more apparent. Take a lift with Arcade Fire.