David Gergen’s music sits somewhere between indie and Americana, channeling Beck’s melancholy Sea Change vibe on his lead-off single “We Wont Cry at the Burial”. There is an unsettling sadness in David’s inflections that innocently tug at the heart-strings. He manages a confessional attitude while painting a beautifully abstract picture, allowing the listener to draw on his emotions rather than be manipulated by his words.

His latest EP “Odyssey” is full of well crafted, astute songs told from a wise, yet aching heart. CHECK IT OUT


Curse in the Woods – Perfect Lawns

This delectable commentary on the ‘perfect life’ scenario is a great listen – note perfect from beginning to end. The witching cabaret rhythm and sultry Beth Gibbons like vocal deliver a unwavering, cynical punch without waging a pretentious attack on the superficial way most people choose to live.

I was delighted to find that Curse in the Woods new album The Deals They Made is not entirely made up of jazzy burlesque songs. Instead it is filled with wonderful dynamics… thoughtful piano ballads “Wise Up”, indie sensibilities “Echoes” and quirky beat driven pop “Widow” all tied together with acoustic European carnivalesque instrumentation.

From the looks of the video below it seems CITW truly has their act together, performing with up to 6 members and coming across with the same cinematic undertones as their recorded material. Probably more. The enchanting lead signer puts it best when she says “If Nina Simone and Beck had a baby that grew up in a haunted house.. they would probably be fans of Curse in the Woods”.

I certainly feel more and more great music will come from these folks and look forward to tuning in. Drop by their BandCamp and purchase their phenomenal new album: http://curseinthewoods.bandcamp.com/