Nick Drake’s Mom sings from the Grave

One of 2013’s most poignant folk releases was recorded in the 1950s. Nick Drake’s mother, Molly Drake, used to record her own original songs at home on the family’s reel-to-reel recorder.

The 19 tracks were restored by John Wood — an engineer who frequently collaborated with Nick and is often credited for “discovering” him — and released as a self-titled album by the label Squirrel Things Recordings. They are accompanied by ” a biography written by Molly’s daughter Gabrielle Drake, a custom letter-pressed jacket and family photos.

Not only do these songs offer a new starting point as to Nick’s influence, but they also reveal the quietly fierce musings of a housewife in the ’50s, a woman with an artistic soul whose pristine voice and imagist poetry were captured, lost, and then rediscovered.

Via Buzzfeed