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*life of lily*

There is just something about Life of Lily that warms my heart. Maybe it’s here new single’s insanely up beat lyrics or the self-empowering feel of the vocal. Either way, the anthemic “Life Goes On” is a sweet slice of Celtic pop punk rock that is as infectious as any top 40’s pop song on the Charts today. It should be playing on the radio because it would result in less road rage.

The new video, which accents the bluegrass / country appeal of the song, is split in time. Like a split decision, one line of reality turns sour and leaves you on the side of the road while the other thread leaves you basking in the sun with the one you love. Lily doesn’t take sides but proposes a solution by way of attitude adjustment. Isn’t it so much easier and quicker to listen to a song then have to read another self-help book?

After working through some Visa issues, Lily graduated Law School with Honors and moved to New York where she currently resides. How she manages to stay so positive in the city of snark and sarcasm is beyond me but being genuine, I imagine, is the key to her success.


Life of Lily drops November 5th. Stay up with her New York shows via Facebook


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