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Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson fans, prepare to swoon. Wes is back with a new film. It’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and is out next year. Ralph Fiennes stars as the manger of a fancy-pants hotel accused of bumping off an elderly guest (Tilda Swinton). As you’d expect it’s rammed with an A-list cast (Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel… we could go on).

Ralph Fiennes, not just a Serious Actor

What do you think of when you think of thesp’s thesp Ralph Fiennes? An actor with a piercing intensity and a way with iambic pentameter? Not anymore. Looks like we’ll get to see another side of him in Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. He’s all raised eyebrows and dry sherry one-liners in the trailer, as a hotel manager accused of bumping off an elderly lady guest (Tilda Swinton, completely unrecognisable). ‘Take your hands off my lobby boy!’

Moustaches are not just for Movember

There is barely a frame here that does not feature a Dalston-worthy ’tache. Fiennes wears an elegant Burt Reynolds. His teenage bell-hop (newcomer Tony Revolori) has got a drawn-on pencil moustache. Edward Norton is fetching in a handlebar. Bill Murray rocks a walrus, naturally. If you haven’t got your November fuzz sorted, watch immediately for inspiration.

Tilda Swinton is the coolest actress alive (as if anyone needed a reminder)

Did you even recognise Tilda Swinton as the 84-year-old widow in love with ladykiller Ralph Fiennes. Us neither. We did a double take at the credits. Tilds even manages to look cool as an octogenarian with age spots and a beehive.

Pink is the new tweed

Wes’s world is place a lot people want to be (super fans have Wes Anderson-themed weddings). And we’ve got a feeling his hotel will be setting trends, painted candyfloss pink with tomato red interiors. Expect a copycat Shoreditch establishment soon.

Haters, you are gonna keep on hating

If you find Wes Anderson’s films annoyingly precious look away now. Don’t even think of hitting play. Whimsy, style, quirkier, this has it all.


via Time Out London


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