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Tini Grey : Positive Vibrations

It is wonderful to come across a new artist with such a well put together image and remarkably mainstream sound. Tini Grey’s debut album Shades of Grey retains his soulful island essence while exploring R&B, Pop and Folk Rock. It is diverse enough to hold your attention and cohesive enough to paint a full picture of the artist and his message, which is refreshingly positive in nature.

Even the songs that speak on his rougher times seem to have an upbeat vibe in both the music and delivery. “I Feel Lucky” and “Just Smile” both revolve around bringing the best out of a hard situation… and I must say that it is truly a gift to have these kind of emotions articulated in the form of an accessible pop song. If you’re having one of those days, you could simply flip on either of these tracks to shed some light on the darkness and bring some resolve to those negative feelings.

The video above for the catchy single “Company” is a great calling card for Mr. Grey as he moves through vibrant backdrops singing the addictive chorus, gradually becoming more and more surrounded by his loved ones and friends. A great use of color, simplicity and timing keep the viewer raptured and ensure you come away humming the melody line for days after.

My personal favorite on the album is the closer “Raise Them Up”. It is a compassionate and patriotic plea to acknowledge our fallen war heroes. Tini’s voice works really well here, especially when he bites into the lyrics of the last chorus. Again the song seems to deal with very heavy subject matter in a upflifting way, something extremely hard to do, especially with something as controversial as war.

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