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The Facts about Ugly Dirty

Bursting on the scene with same defiant attitude as Nirvana, female fronted rock band The Jelly Project, from St. Paul’s Minneapolis, comes bearing a similar rebellious musical offering for our lost youth. But unlike Nirvana, this bands message should not be misconstrued as ‘all is lost’ for it exudes a strong positive force coupled with a freewheeling ‘I just don’t give a hoot, let me play my rock and roll!’ attitude.

The overall sound is in a sense throwback and at times, like in the case of “Crazy World”, transports one back to the 60’s with a stripped down delivery akin to Janis Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company. The band does however flip the script several times on this debut, getting downright funky on the social commentary of “Stupid Animal” and epitomizing speakeasy coolness with “One in My Pocket”.

The passion in these recordings can be felt from both the musicians and the young lady singing – none more gratifying then the title track “Ugly Dirty”, which spins its lyrical and musical threads like an enlightening mushroom trip. It is a booming discourse on feeling alive in your body and your soul, culminating in the strange and challenging chorus “I know you wont go down with me tonight”.

This is a fun album to listen to and its deeper more reflective qualities begin to shine through upon further spins. It is, above all, nice to hear a female authentically asserting herself in these prepackaged, post veritable times.

Download “Crazy World” for Free!

Then check in and buy their debut album Ugly Dirty





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