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Phil Jones is Calling Everyone – Raise Up

Appearing out of nowhere earlier this year with a sound that combines the poetic nature of Leonard Cohen with the intense passion of Springsteen, Phil Jones has quickly established himself as the voice of reason in these incredibly complicated times. Jones gripping lyrics are complimented by exotic grooves and searing solos courtesy of his band of native Hawaiians.

This particular song samples Dr. Martin Luther King and comes across with the same gusto and sincerity as his speech. Phil is asking America to raise up and adhere to its own mission statement. Yes, we have been both right and wrong in our actions and it is time to admit this and move forward. It is a powerful message to our country, though the primary focus here seems to be on recreating our existence as humans, not Americans.

Interspersed with fire/hula dancers and sweeping shots of Kauai, this beautifully shot video has mass appeal and has already chalked up over 65,0000 hits. Jones’s full length record is due out sometime later this year and is sure to please fans of surf rock and sufi poetry. Check out more here: PHIL JONES


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